About us

We've been in business since 1999.

Zambetti's Kitchen & Market is well known for its variety of Gourmet Cuisine and our low-carb, sugar-free items. We also carry fresh baked goods which not only satisfy their customers desires for delicious sweets, but help keep them on the straight and narrow road of weight control.

On staff are two culinary chefs who produce a wide array of hot and cold foods, from fresh organic salads to hot, delicious soups and pastas. As well as entrees such as Coconut Chicken over Thai Noodles, Shepherds Pie with Cauliflower mash of De-starched Mashed Potato and more. Check out our menu.

Zambetti's is referred by top doctors locally and from NYC.

Customers come from near and far to indulge in Zambetti's own famous low-carb pizzas, as well as their flavorful whey (protein) ice cream that is fat and sugar free with only nine calories per ounce.

Zambetti's also offers many products for dieters on different programs, from Atkins to Zone & Nutritional cleansing such as Isagenix and Millennium Blend.

If you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or just eat healthy and well, without guilt, Zambetti's is the place for you.

We also offer catering for all occasions, classic, low carb, sugar free, low and no fat items, etc.